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Sep 3, 2012 2:00am PDT
. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> new year's 2010 was arriving on a shivery night by miami standards. but temps in the low 60s weren't enough to chill the streets. there in the froth was a couple from michigan paula and kevin clint down from detroit on an impulse holiday weekend. >> how did the idea come together to go to south beach? >> paula. that was my baby. she didn't skimp on herself. and she liked to live the good life and going down to south beach, that was it. >> a down and back. hit the clubs, do some shots, hello, 2010. >> it was great. we had it all figured out. go down to south beach, celebrate the new year's come back on monday. >> but come monday the live in boyfriend and girlfriend pair were not on a plane to detroit. kevin was a worried guy wandering down the streets in a city he didn't go looking for paula. she was missing. the aspiring leggy model with blonde hair down to there had absolutely vanished. >> harvey new year. >> looking back if lady gaga hadn't been booked it at the hotel paula wouldn't have insisted on the trip and got separated. in miami ke
Sep 24, 2012 2:00am PDT
. but the real story, headlines don't always tell it, do they? the true story of what happened here in miami was far more troubling, tragic, and bizarre than any headline. and it all happened so fast. >> business was good. beautiful house, great friends, and then it changed in an instant. like that. like that. >> to begin with, there was aventura. a brand new town, an upscale suburb with green lawns and trophy boats that skirts the northern fringe of miami. among the founding families in this clean new place was the kaufman clan. migrants a generation ago, jerry kaufman came first. >> we're four brothers, lots of children and grandchildren. the family's been very close for generations. >> and pretty soon aventura was a magnet for a bigger kaufman family. including these two, the twins, adam and seth kaufman. identical. like two halves of one person. set tried to explain the day adam cut his finger. >> we were both screaming. my mom said seth why are you crying? i said because it hurts. and it was adam's finger. i truly do believe we feel each other's pain. >> they were teachers first. big te
Sep 13, 2012 9:00am EDT
the results of that coming up. >> okay. >>> we've also got a little miami heat here in the studio. that's because the "real housewives of miami" kick off a new season. and there's no shortage of drama. >>> also tonight, the winner will be crowned on nbc's "america's got talent." all six finalists performed last night. this morning, we're going to catch up with them. and they are going to show off their talents live. >> wow. >> that's cool. all right. great. >>> before we get to all of that, let's go inside. natalie's got the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. anti-american unrest is escalating in the middle east this morning. protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen's capital city. they set fires and smashed windows outside the compound before breaking through the main gate. the u.s. diplomatic personnel were moved to a secure location. an antiislam film produced in the u.s. is being cited as the trigger for the violence. and that same internet film is blamed for inciting protest outside the u.s. embassy in cairo, egypt, now in their third day. meantime, the pentagon is sending t
Sep 28, 2012 11:35pm PDT
la mejor manera de ejercer su voto >>en miami los venezolanos se han movilizado y quieren llevar a la mayor cantidad de ellos a votar. >>queremos ayudar a las personas que no puedan trasladarse >>luego de la expulsion de lidia acosta, hugo chávez cerró el centro de miami. >>por eso el interes de que estos votos no se pierdan, una organizacion tiene listos vuelos que transporan a las personas libres de costo. >>un voto hace la diferencia >>nos cerraron acá el consulado, así y todo estas20 mil personas iremos, y esos votos serán tomados en cuenta+ mente>>la fundacion voto donde también hizo donaciones de comida para ir en autobús >>son 14 a 16 horas de ida, estar dos o tres horas y volver a miami, pero es nuestro deber con venezuela >>aquí estan los datos si quiere ir 3058098498 los organizadores recalcan que son unas elecciones históricas. >>este domingo univisión investiga y aquí y ahora revelan importantes documentos del operativo rápido y furioso >>crimenes ejecutados por delicuentes mexicanos con armas estadounidenses >>un amigo mío, del que no sé nada de él,
Sep 27, 2012 6:30pm PDT
miami herald anuncian el veredicto contra el ex empresario nicaragÜense. viajaba facundo cabral cuando lo mataron. estÁ tras las rejas una de los hombres detrÁs de la pelÍcula anti musulmana que desatÓ protestas en el medio oriente. >>> hay nuevas acusaciÓnes contra el congresista. hay investigaciÓn federal para saber si rivera participÓ en >>>periodista: intento por plantar a un candidato falso en las pasadas elecciones primarias del partido demÓcrata con el distrito 26 de la florida. lourdes del rÍo en miami, nos dice en quÉ se basa la denuncia y quÉ reacciones hay. >>> el informe periodÍstico indica que el candidato del desconocido justin lamar. declarÓ al fbi que estÁ colocando a su campaÑa. una consultora republicana. asegurÓ que siempre se referÍa al representante por sus niveles de r o el sobrenombre del gÁngster. en medio de este escÁndalo esta desaparecida hace 3 semanas. >>> ella en este momento, no enfrenta cargos. el gobierno no ha presentado una informaciÓn contra ella con cargos o delitos padilla no conoce el paradero de su clienta. nos quiso confirmar
Sep 29, 2012 7:00pm EDT
-changing landscape of the miami skyline. for many americans, miami, but avian, too gleaming and in 2012, all eyes are on this state. >> florida matters, that is what we are going to be told over and over again. 29 votes. it is a big state that could make all of the difference between obama and romney. all of that is true. but who cares? or to put it more precisely, are we missing the bigger picture for florida and the rest of the united states? which is that this country has become ungovernable. its politics are poisonous. miami dade colleges the biggest in the nation. 175,000 students. all of them called on the streets in this massive voter registration drive which comes at the end of months of court battles over access. what i need you need? how far in advance can you do it? poorer voters are less likely to get to the polls on time. folks think florida republicans are fighting dirty. >> the efforts have come from republicans. in essence, you have the fact of suppressing the vote. >> that is what you see the purpose is? >> exactly. >> that is a fundamental issue at the heart of american democrac
Sep 19, 2012 10:00pm EDT
universidad de miami. ahora con ustedes maría elena salinas y jorge ramos. (aplausos). >>> que tal buenas noches y bienvenidos a la universidad de miami en coral gables florida. esta noche haremos historia. >>> haremos historia juntos. graciass por acompañarnos, en los próximos 2 días en el encuentro con los aspirantes a la presidencia de estados unidos. trataremos temas como educación y su futuro. mañana tendrá lugar el segundo con el presidente barack obama. no son foros, ni debates si no conversaciones para cada uno de ellos. para este evento se ha unido la red social facebook. >>> la audiencia que nos rodea en este encuentro, integrada por estudiante republicanos, de la universidad de miami y otros partidarios de mets romney. mañana ocurrirá lo mismo, durante el encuentro con el apreciaba rakipresidente barack. >>> se transmite en español, y en inglés en facebook univisión noticias. >>> ¿por qué estamos haciendo estos los hispanos? somos una comunidad joven, y para nuestros jóvenes la dedicación es de vital importancia para el futuro. el futuro está en sus manos. tendr
Sep 19, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, the presidential campaign trail. what you're looking at right here is a live shot from miami, florida. you see mr. romney there, mitt romney there, republican presidential candidate with one of his sons. it's a rally for hispanic voters. nationwide, mr. romney trails president obama by 45 points among latino voters, but this event that you see live here is part of a concerted push by the romney campaign to try to make up some of that enormous gap. it's part of him appearing with his spanish-speaking son there, his youngest son there, craig. now, as you know, we are not in the business of airing raw candidate stump speeches at rallies during campaign season. it's because they are repetitive and because if we started just airing all the stump speeches, a, you would think that you've heard it all before, but also, it would be all that we did for months. we are going to monitor mr. romney's remarks tonight in miami. we'll bring these remarks to you if he says anything that is beyond his standard stump speech or if he makes any news about what's going on in today's headlines. but the fact that mitt ro
Sep 20, 2012 4:00am PDT
. >>> viewers at the univision forum in miami saw a kinder, gentler mitt romney. he appeared to tone down some of that harsher criticism. he sounded more conciliatory on the topics of immigration and health care reform. >> i have experience in health care reform. now and then, the president says i'm the grandfather of obama care. i don't think he meant it as a compliment. but i'll take it. this was during my primary. we thought it might not be helpful. >> president obama will have his turn to answer questions at that forum in miami this afternoon. >>> turning overseas. french embassies across the muslim world are on alert amid increased security. that's all in reaction to a french magazine publishing caricatures of the prophet muhammad. that concern is that french embassies could face violent protests, like those that targeted american facilities for that amateur movie that depicted muhammad. another source of rising tensions could come next week when an ad is posted in some nuclear subway stations. an islamic group claims the ad seeks to define muslims through hate speech. >>> military might
Sep 19, 2012 6:30pm PDT
universidad de miami para encuentro con los candidatos programa de univision que esta noche tiene como invitado al aspirante mitt romney, se espera que el gobernador romney responda a sus interrogantes sobre temas que interesan a latinos, veamos como van los preparativos. >>> el encuentro llega en un momento clave en que el gobernador baja en las encuestas y que se ve envuelto en nueva polÉmicas. su madre dijo. usted sabe, nosotros hemos sido dueÑos de nuestra casa sÓlo en los Últimos 4 aÑos Él fue refugiado y se beneficio del programa federal de asistencia pushl por los primeros aÑos de su vida pero este gran paÍs le dio esta oportunidad. >>> toda persona en cada etapa de su vida puede necesitar o el padre que tiene un hijo que esta deshabilitado o una madre con un hijo en el sistema educa shl lo importante asegurar que no haya abuso en el sistema para que quienes lo necesitan de estos programas lo tengan disponible. >>> este fue lt escenario escogido, esta es la cancha donde practican balÓn cestos estudiantes que se transformÓ para el encuentro no habrÁ pases ni ce pero s
Sep 27, 2012 5:30pm PDT
? the very team that had thrown the ball that had injured him. this morning on "today" the miami marlins offered a second chance. >> well, adam we would like to sign you to a one-day contract. and if you come to miami we'll put you in uniform and you will be a member of our team. >> i mean, i can't express how great that feels to me, baseball in general, from the bottom of my heart, i'll be ready for that. i can tell you that. >> reporter: adam says even if he gets to the plate now and strikes out, it has all been worth it. >> i am going to give it a great at bat, i know that for sure. if it is one pitch or ten, this is all worth it. >> reporter: kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. >>> and that is our broadcast for this thursday night. thank you for joining us. i'm savannah guthrie for brian williams and everyone here at nbc news, have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow morning on today. . a good night and we'll see you tomorrow morning on today. >>> protect and serve. not protect and cash your check and maybe serve if it is good enough. >> right now at 6:00, an oakland a's pitcher lets
Sep 20, 2012 4:00am PDT
>>> romney responds. dogged for days by his 47% comment mitt romney tells a forum in miami he's all about helping all the people. >> this is a campaign about the 100%. >> fallout over the fast and furious scandal. a new report clears eric holder of the gun running operation, but two high ranking officials step down and more can face disciplinary action. >> urban crime. some business owners hope these baby faces will keep criminals at bay. owners hope these baby face will keep this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, september 20, 2012. >>> today campaign 2012 moves to florida, both president obama and mitt romney will speak to hispanic voters. romney is facing questions about his remarks last spring that 47% of americans are dependent on the government, believe they are victims and not his problem to worry about. romney's 47% comment forced his campaign into days of damage control but a "usa today" gallup poll found 53% of independent voters found romney's comments will make no difference. 29% are less likely and 15% are more likely. susan mcginnis is following it from washingto
Sep 20, 2012 2:30am PDT
night in miami, the republican candidate held his first public rally in five days and the first since the hidden camera remarks about the 47%. that took him off his campaign message. a gallup poll says more than half of independent voters, the comments did not make a difference. 29% say they are less likely to vote for romney. 15% of americans say they are more likely to vote for him. the president seemed to support the idea of redistributing wealth 14 years ago. >> how we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because i believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. how do we pool resources at the same time as we decentralize delivery systems in way that is foster competition and can work in the marketplace and can foster innovation at the local level and taylored to particular places. >> a president putting into place a political and economic program that a lot of us don't recognize. we haven't seen anything like this in america before. he said some years ago something which we are h
Sep 21, 2012 4:00pm PDT
-changing landscape of the miami skyline. many small time americans feel that miami it looks to alien, to gleaming. in 2012, as in previous elections, all eyes are on this day. but who cares? or are we missing the bigger picture? this country has essentially become ungovernable. its politics are poisonous. miami-dade colleges the biggest in the nation, 175,000 students, many of them from minorities. all of them poured out on the streets in this massive voter registration drive, a drive that comes after court battles over access -- what ideas do you need to vote? how far in advance can you do it? >> the efforts have come from republicans. but in essence, they are suppressing the vote. >> that is what you see its real purpose does? >> exactly. >> on the other side of the fence, they feel equally better, perhaps more so. a conservative talk radio station with an audience has many feel the democrats are trying to steal florida. >> i hope floridians understand that what happens in florida can decide who the next president of united states is. >> absolutely. thank you, sir. we appreciate your time. >> i
Sep 24, 2012 4:00am EDT
city and st. louis. heavy rain around miami and ft. lauderdale and west palm beach. it's chilly in the carolinas. >>> 60s from chicago to new york. 70s in the central plains, 101 in phoenix. >>> and hollywood's hottest stars turned out for the emmy awards last night. and an evening filled with favoritend and quite a few upsets. >> that's right. top dramas went to "homeland." abc's brandi hitt has the highlights. >> reporter: the prime time emmy awards was a star studded night. filled with surprises. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: jon cryer couldn't believe he won best actor in a comedy, while julia dreyfuss won best actress. julie bowen and eric stonestreet won their second emmys for their supporting roles. >> i never knew i'd be on tv as a gay man. >> reporter: even host jimmy kimmel provided plenty of laughs. >> i don't think the president should be watching "homeland" for the same reason i don't think charlie sheen should be watching "breaking bad." >> reporter: breaking bad aaron paul won best supporting actor. but it was homeland's night. claire danes for best actress. >> i
Sep 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
last night against miami giving up 6 hits and 5 runs but his final start was scheduled for this wednesday, the 12th, against the new york mets. johnson said this morning that all this hype surrounding this shutdown forced their hand. >> i feel sorry for him as it would be anybody to get memberly commit in a ballgame and -- mentally committed in a ballgame and he reached his innings limit that was set two years ago. so we can get past this and talk about other things for a change. >> yeah, i think this debate is far from over. here's a look at the final numbers. more than one strikeout an inning and the nats were 19-9 in games that stephen strasburg was on the mound. their game today against miami is still suspended, 6-5 miami bottom of the 9th. >>> a programming update for the u.s. open. semifinals match between novak djokovic and david farrah will resume tomorrow at 11. women's final at 4:30 and men's final now played monday at 4:00, the fifth year in a row that that has happened. >>> okay. maryland terrapins visiting temple. looking for a rematch from last year's emba
Sep 4, 2012 6:30pm PDT
en miami, nos hablan de la vida y muerte de la diva de la cocaína. >> se encontró con la muerte, la temida madrina de la coca murio como vivió.>> es ultimada por un individuo, tenemos imágenes. >> la policía colombiana inicia. >> así mismo fue como le costó la vida. >> es que se le acredita haber inventado el asesnio de la motocicleta. nelson hoy jefe de la policía de west miami, participó en los únicos casos por los que pudieron arrestarla y llevarla tras las rejas. >> como natural entraba por el sur de la florida. >> inició su carrera y terminó comandando un imperio que lanzaba cocaína por mes en barcos y aviones. una precursora de los grandes carteles, su historia inspiró películas. >> si ella te debía dinero y no te quería pagar te mataba. >> cuando todo apuntaba que pasaría el resto de su vida en la cárcel. todo un escándalo. el otro que tenía también una relacion tipo sexual con la misma mujer, al estar desacreditados el caso de blanco colpasó. >> humillados por el escándalo hicieron un acuerdo de lo que la salvo de la pena de muerte, se perdió en el ano
Sep 29, 2012 3:00am PDT
conspiracy. >> that was veteran south florida political reporter michael putny of the miami tv station wplg. obviously getting water thrown all over him as he tries to figure out what congressman david rivera is in trouble with the fbi for this, too. i mean congressman david rivera has already been under investigation by the fbi, the irs, the miami dade police department's public corruption un it, the miami dade state attorney's office and the florida department of law enforcement over financial disclosure issues and allegations that' abused the powers of his office. back when he was just a state legislator. now that david rivera has moved up in the world and is a member of congress, now the investigations into frub david rivera are getting way more interesting. something kind of weird happens in south florida when it came time for the democrats to pick somebody in their primary to run against congressman david rivera. there was the candidate who everybody expected who had run hard against mr. rivera in the past. that was this guy, joe garcia. but in addition, there was another candidate in
Sep 16, 2012 5:30pm PDT
were caught. >> reporter: high speed chases are nothing new, but this one in miami grabbed headlines because the man behind the wheel of that squad car going 120 miles per hour is an offduty officer headed to his second job. he's about to get busted. >> put your hands out the window! >> reporter: at gun point, florida highway patrol arrested the miami police officer for speeding. >> turn around. turn around. >> all right! >> turn around, right now. >> reporter: but after this video went viral, authorities investigated and found the man was habitual offender. last week, he was fired and charged with reckless driving. this kind of abuse of power may be parodied in movies like "superbad." but it's a lot more common than you think. the two offduty officers in this car were fired after luring a fellow officer into a high speed chase. >> doing over 90. >> reporter: laughing hysterically, claiming it was all a prank. in miami, two officers were relieved of duty after careening down a sandy stretch on miami beach, even going airborne. >> it is a serious problem. speed kills and it doesn't di
Sep 27, 2012 12:30pm PDT
. allow proposed institution miami at san francisco campus from its current location at 415 jackson to 1414 van ness avenue, moving to rc4, zoning district, 130b height and bulk district and van ness special use district in van ness on the multiuse district. founded in 1993 miami ad school provides post secondary education that prepares students for careers in advertising. the abbreviated institution master plan for miami ad school was presented as an information item under case 2012.0453i and to the planning commission at a june 21st hearing. miami ad school occupies 9,239 square foot of ground floor commercial space at 1414 street and proposes to relocate to a small facility to 7,940 square foot ground floor commercial tenant space at 1414 van ness avenue within the van ness corridor. the proposal will involve interior improvements through ground floor tenant space with no expansion to the existing voting envelope. to date the department has not received any communication regarding the proposed project. staff -- planning department staff is recommending the proposed project be app
Sep 20, 2012 4:00am EDT
it as a compliment. but i'll take it. >> president obama will have his turn to answer questions at tt forum in miami this afternoon. >>> turning overseas. french embassies across the muslim world are on alert amid increased security. that's all in reaction to a french magazine publishing caricatures of the profit muhammad. that concern that embassies could face violent protests like those that targeted american facilities for the amateur movie that depicted muhammad. a rising source of tensions could come next week when an ad is posted in some nuclear subway stations. an islamic group says the ad seeks to design muslims through state speech. >>> might is on display in a highly sensitive areas of the globe. abc's nick schifrin is there. >> reporter: never before has the u.s. flexed so much muscle so close to iran. more jets, ships and nations taking part than ever before. the u.s. has sent two aircraft carriers into this region. and each 1 has more than 40 of these, f-18s, that could reach thousands of miles into iranian air space. we give you a sense of how big this buildup is, each of these carrier
Sep 4, 2012 6:30pm EDT
sido acusada de narcotrÁfico, pero tambiÉn por tres asesinatos incluyendo el de un menor en miami, precisamente en miami es donde se ha estado reporta ando todo eso y tendremos mÁs informaciÓn mÁs adelante pero pasemos con ilia calderÓn para que nos cuente quÉ estÁ preparando esta noche. >> gracias jorge, tenemos noticias de inmigrantes, y fÍjate que los hijos de inmigrantes no deben pagar mÁs, es lo que dijo un juez que dictaminÓ que en estado de la florida no deben pagar matrÍculas mÁs caras porque sus padres sean inmigrantes indocumentados, dijo que la norma que exige los altos pagos estÁ... la constituciÓn, y autoridades mexicanas dijeron que el ataque a tiros de agentes federales contra agentes de la cia fue un accidente y no fue un acto deliberado, asÍ que estamos trabajando en esta y otras historias. >> ilia, muchÍsimas gracias. >> y tenemos a la reina de la cocaÍna, viviÓ y murio, loursdz d rourdz del rÍo tiene su historia. >> encontrÓ la muerte en esta carnicerÍa de medellin, griselda blanco muriÓ como vivio en medio de las balas. >> ultimada por un i
Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm PDT
to miami for reaction from the latino community. >>> and mitt romney's coal miner photo op is backfiring in his face. >> people wonder how they're going to have a brighter future. >> i'll tell you what a mitt romney presidency means for workers. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. it's day four of mitt romney's 47% problem and the issue is not going away. president obama was asked about mitt romney's comments regarding 47% of americans during a town hall event on univision. >> when you express an attitude that half the country considers itself victims, that somehow they want to be dependent on government, my thinking is maybe you haven't gotten around a lot. >> mitt romney held his own town hall event on univision last night. suddenly the percentage of americans he cares about has changed. >> my campaign is about the 100% of america and i'men concerned about that. i'm concerned about the fact over the past four years life has become harder for americans. >> romney had a different response to the controversy earlier this week. when he addressed the comments d
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,263 (some duplicates have been removed)